DIY: LED Color Changing Guitar

Originally reported on on November 18, 2013

Imagine a guitar that responds to the music being played; one with LED lights that ignite proportionally to your level of jam and change colors based on different melodies. One that is totally customized to YOU, your music, your being.

Intrigued? Well you should be, because it’s here.


Randy Sarafan, an avid experimenter fascinated by building new things, just recently posted his latest invention: a glowing color-changing guitar equipped with LEDs unmatched by any other guitar of similar likes. He posted his latest creation on, “a place that lets you explore, document, and share your creations.”

His guitar has many cool features, but these are by far the coolest:

  • a frosted base that diffuses the glow of the LEDs, making the whole body shine instead of just the edges
  • color changes controlled by the duration of music being played — the harder you rock, the more colors you see
  • brightness adjusted by volume — louder audio? louder visuals

In the kingdom of rock and roll it is important to set oneself apart. With millions of people in this world who can play the guitar, simply playing well is just not going to cut it. You need something extra to rise up as a rock god. Consider this guitar the mystical glowing ax bestowed upon you by the Rock Goddess of Bangs; The fabled ax that will lay waste to nonbelievers and shred through the aether with the transcendent glory of rock. With this weapon of unfathomable power, you will be an explosion of light and sound rising up above the writhing masses.

While there are a couple of other glowing guitars out there, this one by and large sets itself apart. For starters, it is frosted to diffuse the glow of the LEDs. This means that the whole body glows instead of being just edge-lit, and you can also see it during the daytime. The other unique feature of this guitar is that it responds to the music being played. The brightness is adjusted by the volume, and the color is controlled by the duration that it is being played. So, the harder you rock, the more colors you will see.

In a world where it is so hard to set oneself apart, here’s the perfect opportunity to do so. Are you ready to be a rock god (or goddess)?

Check out his post here, complete with DIY instructions on how to make you own LED color changing guitar!


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